Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Alphabet Sisters

It tells the story of the Quinlan sisters: Anna, Bett and Carrie who also sang as a trio, identically dressed and calls themselves The Alphabet Sisters. Aside from being sisters, they are also best friends with each other but sadly, that all ended up three years ago. It might probably have started with the announcement of Carrie and Bett's fiance that they were in love and is going to be married. Since then they haven't talked with each other.

The sisters' grandmother Lola wants her granddaughters to reconciliate, inviting them all back home to celebrate her eightieth birthday knowing that she's the only one who can summon the Alphabet Sisters back. This book is a wonderful tale of three feuding sisters and the baggage that they are all carrying after the reunion. Scenes from the book almost feels real, like the author is truly speaking from experience with characters that are so warm and fascinating you can't help but love them.