Saturday, April 26, 2008


I read this book a long time ago that I don't really remember much what it's about. So recently, while I was on a vacation, I collected all the books I wanted to read (and reread) every book that I've ignored and books that I've missed over the years. And so Stargirl has come back to life. She is not your average 16-year-old for she possessed a mysterious, almost magical personality. She is not one to conform in the popular crowds, in fact with everything. Who brings their pet rat and ukelele in school everyday, dresses in long prairie skirts, decorates her desk with flowers and cheers on the other team during school games.

At first the studen in Mica High were in awe with her, she's different, eccentric and egoless. Her classmates doesn't know whether to love her for her guts or hate her for having the gall to break the school rules. She caught Leo Borlock's attention upon her arrival, the narrator of the book. It's a book about conformity, acceptance, free-spirits, friendship, love and diversity. When someone is different from us, we tend to outcast them and make them feel so left out just because they have a totally different outook in life and does not go with the flow. It's a book that can be read and enjoyed both by young and the old!

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