Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sushi For Beginners

Marian Keyes always write good books with good plots with interesting and loveable characters. It revolves around the lives of three different women in Dublin. There's Ashling Kennedy, nicknamed "Little Miss Fix It" by Jack Devine. She is very practical and is always ready to help colleagues from simple stuffs as bandages to hairsprays. Lisa Edwards, Ashling's bitter boss who felt she was demoted after being transferred to Dublin to launch a brand new magazine from her previous glitzy London editor job. And there's Clodagh Kelly, a beautiful working woman married to a handsome, successful man with two equally beautiful babies but can't seem to be satisfied with her husband and seems to be having the urge to kiss a frog!

Sushi for Beginners is a wonderful chicklit about the search for happiness and the continuous search for it. Unlike Keyes previous novels, this one does not tackle alcoholism, drug abuse or violence because this is more of a family roots examination and its impact to the working women's lives. As usual, Marian Keyes delivers a funny, poignant tale that might be predictable at times but a satisfying read at the very end.

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