Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harriet M. Welsch: SPY

As a kid growing up in the burbs, with not much activities going around, it's a common thing that you know pretty much what's going around in your neighborhood. And that's when I'll remember that somehow, there's a bit of Harriet in me. Yes. The famous (and controversial) Harriet the Spy written by Miss Louise Fitzhugh in the 60s. Harriet wants to be a spy. She always carries this notebook where she writes every little thing that happens in her neighborhood. She also writes about her opinion of some people, even if it's not really nice. She even writes about her friends and diss them too.

Everything turned sour though after her friends found out about the notebook and wrote the things she have written on it. They were embarassed and upset by what they've read and so the sixth-grade class formed a club to get back at her. Of course Hariett has to get back. She also retaliated but after being sent to the shrink and losing Ole Golly, Harriet learned how to value friendship, while struggling with her own identity. This is a book that I will definitely want my future grandkids to read to. We all have something to learn from it.

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