Monday, May 28, 2007

What Jamie Saw

I've always admired books that have such strong messages even if it's meant for a certain group age only. What Jamie Saw is one of them. It is a story of a young boy's thoughts and feelings in dealing with abuse and living in hiding. Jamie, together with his mother, Patty and baby sister Nin, left their house to seek the help of Patty's friend, Earl, when Jamie saw his stepfather throw Nin across the room! They were pretty much contented with their life in a trailer even though they don't have the proper amenities in their trailer house.

Although it may come out as a pretty strong literature, in a way, the author, Carolyn Coman, is pretty much right in describing what's happening. I also like the ways she describe the feelings of the characters in the story no matter how painful it may sound. Jamie being just a third grader, became a very big help for her mother and for working most of the things out in their new life. This is indeed something that should be recommended to be read in their schools.

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