Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Journal Of Mortifying Moments

Working to be a better person, Kerry Spence followed the advice of her therapist to write down her most difficult experiences in a journal. Kerry is an unfulfilled worker stuck with a boring job in advertisement dealing with a terrible boss and has an annoying colleague who claims to be in love with her but humiliates her in any way he can find. Plus the fact that Kerry has a dysfunctional relationship with his current boyfriend (who is gorgeous by the way) and a mother who is always breathing down on her neck. At first Kerry went to a psychic to help her, took up yoga and consulting a self-help book from some doctor that always prove to fail.

A diary of past encounters with men that may be contributing to your current negative and dysfunctional relationship.” At least that's what her therapist intended her to do, a secret book where even the most embarrassing encounters are to be written down. It's a fun read mainly because of its witty takes on single thirty-something life with embarrassing stuff on the side.

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