Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Secret Desires Of A Soccer Mom

At first, I thought that this novel by Robyn Harding has a similarity to the famous TV series Desperate Housewives but oh well, it might still be a good read. I wasn't wrong because I couldn't put it down and was so into Paige because she's hilarious and simply charming. Since Paige is a stay-home mom now, living in a ritzy neighborhood suburb, she's unsure of what to do with all her free time, so what she does is have coffee with her friends, housewives with her same level.

Apparently, she has been a confidant to her friend Karen's deepest secret. Karen is having an affair. With these finding, Paige thought that she might need to revamp her sexual life. After some failed attempts in seducing her husband, Paige is still determined to spice up her life. But everything change when Karen is found dead in her garage. Paige put it into her own hands to find out who killed her friend, investigating her lover first. Can Paige find out what happened to Karen? Find out for yourself.

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