Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Ex-Debutante

Denial \de-ni-al\ n (1528): one small word crammed with three tiny syllables that quite frankly causes great big problems in a whole lot of lives; a word, like most, with multiple meanings. 1: refusal to admit the truth 2: negation of logic, and 3: (my personal favorite) the reason I got tangled up in what I now refer to as The Debutante Mess. That's what prompt me to buy and read this book. From a habit of scanning first the book so that I can judge if the conversation is good or poorly written, you know, trying hard to be sassy and all. Carlisle Cushing, heiress personified, left her ritzy life in the fictional Willow Creek, Texas to become a divorce lawyer (in contrast to her mother's divorcing habit) but was lured back into the old town because her mother is facing another divorce.

But instead, she found herself teaching eighteen year olds to balance books on their heads and finding out what to do with the family-sponsored 100th Annual debutante ball which was on the verge of collapse. It was nice learning the ins and outs of these debutante parties, finding the right dress, young women trying to find their places in the world and some young women running away from it.

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