Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Book of Bright Ideas

After reading the summary flap, I was hooked. Mainly I was intrigued and it's killing me not to know what would be the outcome of the story hence the recent purchase of Sandra Kring's novel. I think the biggest part of the book's charm are the two little girls: Button and Winnalee. I love it when kids are the central characters of the story. The story is about the arrival of two free-spirited sisters Winnalee and Freeda in the quiet rural Wisconsin. Many people's lives were changed thanks to the arrival of these sisters and despite all the negativities thrown at them, they settled to make that town their home too.

It is such a heartwarming book, one full with lively characters coming together whether on a cookout lunches, community sales or gossips. The author uses such simple conversational language, making you feel that the kids really wrote the book. The Book of Bright Ideas is surprising in the sense that it has many twists and unexpected bends that won't let me allow to bring the book down. I suggest that you read this if you ever get the chance, better yet, grab the book and sit down on it every afternoon or during your free times.

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