Friday, January 18, 2008

How To Be Lost

A family torn apart by the disappearance of the youngest child. How do you recover from that? The Winter family was not an exceptional family even though behind their home a small expanse of wooded land can be located, the kids attend an excellent school and the three sisters are all adorable and energetic. Mr. Winter though is a mean drunk who causes great fear upon his children, leting them think of running away. That was when 5-year-old Ellie disappeared. Mr. Winter drank himself to death, depressed Mrs. Winter got obsessed with her annual festivities with her two remaining daughters, Caroline became a hard-drinking bartender and Madeline growing apart from her sister.

Fifteen years after that tragedy, Caroline heads out to Montana after seeing a photo in People magazine of a woman in a rodeo that closely resembles Ellie or what Ellie would have looked like as a 20-year-old woman. I say this book is a perfect companion while on a vacation, an easy and steady read that you couldn't put down if you want to. Because I didn't.

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