Saturday, March 15, 2008


Rules is a very relevant and and interesting book that tackles about autism. It's about 12-year-old Catherine's life who loves art so much, longs for a friend but often times baby-sit his autistic brother, David. See, the problem with making friends for Catherine is mainly because of her brother. She is having a hard time fitting in with her classmates because of David's behavior. So she made this make-up rules to help get through life. Things that Catherine believed other people must figure out for themselves.

Simple things such as learning to knock on the bathroom door especially if Catherine has friends over, learning to keep his pants on and leaving toys on the aquarium. When a neighbor and prospective friend moved in next door, Catherine is hopeful that they will become good friends. But she was embarassed to talk about David. It's a good book that tackles the often sensitive issue of autism and other handicapped people but Cynthia Lord made an awesome and sensitive story about it that is just right.

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